Children's Songs
Children's Songs


“This CD is a magical collection of songs for young children.  My son loves to dance and clap to the songs and he enjoys the variety of rhythms, sounds and themes.  It is thoroughly good fun and has given us many treasured moments together. It’s such a wonderful CD, every child should have this! *****”


Carla and William, Bourne, Lincolnshire

“This fantastic CD is always in our car, my 4 year old son and I know all the words! His favourite is ‘Trip to the Zoo’. He really enjoys all the sound effects of the animals in it. The songs are just long enough to hold his attention on one topic. We love it!” 


Jo, Stoughton, Leicestershire

”Emma’s musical and creative talent shine throughout this first collection of contemporary children’s songs. Each song has all the ingredients that appeal so much to young children – from the themes very close to their hearts, to the rhymes and sounds that add to their smiles. Whether listening or singing along – the songs are quite simply GREAT FUN!”


Maureen Walker (retired Ofsted inspector), Carlby, Lincolnshire

“My children (ages 4 & 2) really love Emma's CD and I often hear them humming the tunes and singing some of the words, even when the CD is not playing! 'What's for my lunch' is a firm favourite, as is 'What shall I put in my suitcase?' The tunes are original and catchy and I'd highly recommend her CD, as would my kids!”


Rebecca, (Maya and Lilly), Twickenham

“The children in our preschool have responded really well to the repetition and simplicity in these songs and have found them both soothing and fun. In particular, we have noticed a very positive effect on one of our children who has special needs. Normally he finds it very challenging to focus his attention on any activity for any length of time, however, when we play this CD in the class he stops what he is doing and really listens and engages with the songs.”


Louise, Little Acorns Pre-School, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

”My son, Mikail was given this CD as a present for his birthday. He really enjoys listening to the songs, especially in the car because he insists he wants to listen to the 'zoo, zoo' song. The lyrics are nice because both of us are singing along to most of the songs. He also really likes the song with the train as he makes the motion with his hands. I like ‘Wake up! Wake up! its time to go to school’......its become our morning anthem! We both really enjoy the CD and are now really looking forward to the next one….” 


Bitz & Mikail, Nairobi, Kenya

“My children (aged 2 and 4) have really enjoyed these songs and sing along with the CD in the car.  The words are interesting enough for the older children and simple enough for the younger ones.  The tunes are also very catching (I have even found myself humming them during the day too!) and easy to pick up.  My eldest son likes the steam train song best and my youngest likes the frog one, with the mouse that squeaks! I think the production of the CD is very well done and the sound effects really bring the songs and tunes to life. I would be really interested in any other songs or CD's that Emma produces.”
Lynne, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire


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